A Touchy Subject

We use the so called Erasmian pronunciation (reconstructed by Erasmus for Classical Greek) not because we believe it’s a more historically accurate pronunciation, but rather because it’s useful for teaching new students, and harmonizes with the vast majority of people who have already learned some Greek. We acknowledge that there are great arguments for the multiple pronunciation systems out there, and we do not claim that the modified Erasmian system used in our videos is more historically accurate. But we do ask that people be patient and polite if they disagree. Ultimately, we want as many people as possible to have access to Biblical Greek for the sake of reading their Bibles and for the sake of Bible Translation. Therefore, we also welcome and encourage teachers who use the Modern Greek or historical reconstructed pronunciation to produce FREE educational content in their respective pronunciations so that as much content as possible is made available so that translators in remote areas of the world who cannot afford to learn Greek will be able to go from not knowing any Greek to being able to read and translate the Greek New Testament.