The Vision

Alpha with Angela is a free biblical (Koine) Greek course on YouTube, a sister channel to Aleph with Beth, a free biblical Hebrew course. Our goal is to empower the global church with the biblical languages and train people involved in Bible translation., We want our videos  to be accessible to people of any language so that nobody has to first learn English in order to then learn Greek. That’s why you’ll never hear explanations in English in our video lessons. 

You’ll learn Greek through … Greek! For a long time, learning Greek and Hebrew has been something reserved for pastors, leaders and priests, and for those laypeople with the money to pay for expensive language classes. This has led to knowledge of the biblical languages being associated with the educated “spiritually elite.” We believe that the biblical languages can and should be available to all.  To learn more, read our article: Why Greek?

In the English-speaking world we have an “embarrassment of riches.” We have thousands of biblical resources one click away, in a language we understand well. Meanwhile, millions of other people don’t even have a Bible in their mother tongue. We want to do something to address this disparity. We  live in an unprecedented time when God has given us new tools and technology to make biblical languages available to everyone in the world—for free!  To learn more, read our article: Why Free?

Many people who set out to learn biblical Greek never reach their goals, and those who do make progress struggle to retain and use what they’ve learned. This may be a problem with the method they use: people weren’t designed to learn a language by using textbooks and memorizing rules. Instead, we learn languages best by using them: hearing and speaking them. Everyone has the innate, God-given ability to learn a language. As children, we learn by: first watching and listening, understanding, communicating ourselves little by little, and then the alphabet and grammar rules follow.

Alpha with Angela approximates this immersive approach, slowly building your comprehension as you watch. The oral, interactive method is fun and also more effective over time, as the sounds and grammar of biblical Greek work their way into your long-term memory through repetition and use. Students can learn at their own pace, and enjoy it.  And no textbook is necessary! To learn more read: Why Our Method? 

Since these lessons mimic the natural way of learning a language and are designed to be fun and engaging, even children can enjoy learning Greek. In fact, we encourage children to learn, as we explain in our article: Why Kids?

We encourage those training people in the biblical languages to consider the benefit of incorporating comprehensible input into their teaching methodology, as much as is possible.  Feel free to use our materials and please read our page written for Greek Teachers and Church Leaders

Also, check out our testimonial page, which represents only the tip of the iceberg of those who, by the grace of God, are having a break-through experience through the use of our materials. For more practical tips on how to use our materials, visit our page: How It Works. 

The lessons are published under a Creative Commons license so that translators or instructors in remote areas can easily and freely download and distribute them without asking permission. So, please feel free to download our videos and resources and distribute offline to those with limited internet access. Those with least access are those we most want to benefit.

Meanwhile, we’re working to create supplemental grammar resources and to partner with volunteers all over the world to translate them into major languages so that everyone can access the tools they need to understand Greek thoroughly. To access these resources, visit our Resources page.

We invite you to join us on this journey into the languages of the Bible! Check out our fun and immersive lessons on our YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the latest lessons, and please share with your children and with friends from other countries and language backgrounds who may be interested in learning biblical Greek! 

Xάριν σοι ἔχομεν.

About Angela

Since childhood, Angela has had a love for the Bible, a desire to learn Hebrew and a heart for the nations.  She studied medical science at WITS University (BSc-Hons) and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD), where she learnt to speak modern Hebrew.  She later studied Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek at Polis, the Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities where she learnt to speak these ancient languages.

Angela is a member of Wycliffe South Africa, who have seconded her to SIL International as a Biblical Researcher in the Translation Resources team, who provide tools, training and mentoring related to the biblical languages and translation guidance for the global Bible Translation Movement.  SIL is one of Wycliffe South Africa’s major partners in realising the vision to see God’s Word alive in every language.

Some interesting facts about Angela: she lived in Israel for 15 years, was a personal fitness trainer for 6 years and finished Ironman South Africa twice.

Alpha with Angela is crowdfunded and is run by a team of volunteers. Visit our Volunteer page to find out how you can join our team, or visit our Give page to become a financial partner.